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The design of Ashes of Creation adheres to five main pillars.[1]

  1. ةرماغو ةيلعافت ةصق
  2. يلعافتلا ملاعلا
  3. بعاللا لعافت
  4. بعال ةلاكو
  5. Risk vs reward

In designing Ashes of Creation, we adhere every detail to five main pillars: Engaging and Immersive Story, a Reactive World, Player Interaction, Player Agency, and Risk vs Reward. Even in the environment, everything you as the player do will tie into these pillars, while everything your guild does, everything your server does will ultimately keep the world fresh, ever-changing, and most importantly... exciting.[1]

تاريخ الصفحة

There were originally four design pillars: داصتقالا, دقعلا, Meaningful conflict and Narrative.[2]


Ashes of Creation website redesign preview (WIP).[3]

Ashes of Creation takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with cutting-edge graphics. We are putting the word massive back into massively multiplayer with unique and novel mechanics that will bring meaning to player action. Ashes of Creation will incorporate the best parts of traditional MMORPGs with innovative sandbox concepts. You will choose your fate at every opportunity. Questlines will open and close based on the interactions of the players with their world, because this is a world where choice is consequential. Monsters will roam and grow in ferocity as civilization disrupts the natural order of things. From the location of towns to the size of cities, you will determine the landscape of your world. It will be unique in culture, ecology, and economy.[4]

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG set in a world of high fantasy where player’s choices will shape and define the world around them.[5]

Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. Our world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of our players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real time, players will have the ability to destroy what they’ve created, paving the way for new development, new populations, and real change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of your world. Gone are the days of static worlds, change is here to stay.[4]

The original code-name for Ashes of Creation was The World of Origins.[6]

When it comes to how MMO’s have been traditionally designed, most gamers are familiar with two distinct types of gameplay loops: the “theme park”, and the “sandbox”. The vast majority of MMO’s we’ve all seen come and go in the gaming industry have been of the theme park variety – these games put the player onto a specific path, guiding them along, with plenty of pretty sights in between the same old quest hubs, very little in divergent paths, virtually no freedom in player progression. Recently the MMO genre has seen some games of the sandbox nature come onto the scene, but despite the ultimate freedom the sandbox affords players, many are left wanting more, as there is by definition no pre built world content, no human touch, just the vastness of the “sand” for lack of a better term. Thus many MMO players often find themselves caught between the repetitive rock of the theme park or the vast dead spaces of the sandbox’s hard place. This chasm between the state of MMO gameplay loops is where we intend to inject Ashes of Creation’s Node system.[5]

In order for sandbox mechanics to mean something, there must be curated content to accompany the player’s choices. Which means, as the developers, we must create that Themebox style content but for every possible path the community may take.[7]Steven Sharif


Ashes of Creation has taken inspiration from various other MMORPG titles.[8]

A lot of the systems in Lineage 2 were based around a concept that got lost today in mmorpgs, and that's risk versus reward. You know this idea that the more you risk the greater potential reward should be present is a complete paradigm shift away from everyone's a winner, everybody gets a participation reward, and here you go, congratulations you're a player in this game; and that's boring. It gives nothing for a person to aspire to achieve something, or to feel the bite of loss when you fail. Those are the driving forces of why people want to play games and it's a reason why new games when they come out have such a short lifespan, because they are always competing with WOW. You don't have to compete with WOW. You don't have to be a WOW killer. You can focus on something that is different from a philosophical design standpoint; and I think that's just what a lot of studios today don't want to take the risk on.[9]Steven Sharif

In terms of what came before, we're trying to figure out who did what best and take inspiration from that: Move the genre forward; keep things updated and bring it into the 21st century.[8]Jeffrey Bard


There is not going to be a typical end-game in Ashes of Creation.[11]

Part of the whole experience with nodes is that there is no real end-game, in that the world is constantly shifting every day. Month one is going to be really different from month two; and that's for the level 50s and level 1s.[11]Jeffrey Bard

We want the game to be a living game, which means that all content should be relevant at all times. I’d say that we try to make as little distinction between the leveling up experience and the end game experience as possible. The whole journey is important to us, in order to maximize the fun people have during different stages of the game.[12]Sarah Flanagan

ةرماغو ةيلعافت ةصق

المواضيع التي تعكس الماضي والحاضر Verra

يلعافتلا ملاعلا

المواضيع التي تصف كيف يتطور عالم فيرا بناءً على نشاط اللاعب

بعاللا لعافت

أنظمة الألعاب والميكانيكيات التي تعزز تفاعل اللاعبين

قررنا التركيز على الميكانيكا التي تجعل فكرة المجتمع في المقدمة. لجعل الناس يتفاعلون مع بعضهم البعض بشكل هادف - ليس فقط لغزو رئيس مداهمة ، أو الحصول على عملة معدنية من دار مزايد لا وجه لها ، ولكن ربما لإنقاذ مدينة. مدينة كانت جميع المقيمين المحليين فيها مصلحة فيها. مدينة قضى اللاعبون أسابيع أو أشهر في تطويرها ؛ الدفاع عن تلك المدينة ، الهجوم على تلك المدينة! أو بناء عالم معاً كمجتمع يختار مصيرنا مع أصدقائنا. نؤمن بأن هذه القصة ستكون أكثر ذكاءً وذكاءً للاعبين أكثر من أي شيء يمكن أن نتوصل إليه[18]

بعال ةلاكو

الأنظمة التي تنمو وتشكل خبرة اللاعبين في اللعبة

سيكون لدينا الكثير من المحتوى المتاح ، ولكن سيكون ذلك خلف الأبواب التي يمكن الوصول إليها من خلال الوكالة نيابة عن المجتمع. بالمعنى التقليدي للكلمة ، لا نحن لسنا حديقة ملاهي ، ولكن سيكون لدينا على الأرجح محتوى أكثر من حديقة الملاهي ، تقليديا. فقط لأنه لكي تكون هذه الخيارات ذات مغزى ، يجب أن يكون هناك محتوى ذا معنى خلف الباب الذي تختاره[19]Steven Sharif

ةأفاكملا لباقم رطاخملا

الأنشطة التي تكافئ المغامرين الجريئين وتعزز الصراع ذي المعنى

العلاقة بين المخاطر والمكافآت ، عندما تقول ، على سبيل المثال ، أنك خصصت بعض الوقت لبناء عقدة ، وقد خصص لاعبون آخرون ذلك الوقت المكافئ نحو محاصرة العقدة ، ستكون هناك معركة ضارية بين هؤلاء اللاعبين ... وقت القيام بذلك لأنهم يهتمون بشغف للوصول إلى هذا المحتوى[21]Steven Sharif

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