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APOC:Archwizard is a class in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse castle sieges and Ashes of Creation Apocalypse horde mode.[1]

The Archwizard, which is kind of focused on doing AoE damage. So there's a kind of clear out an area to deal damage to lots of people. They don't have the kind of focus fire ability that the Hawkeye does, but then again they're really focused on doing a large amount of damage to a large amount of people. They also have some clever tricks up their sleeves. They are wizards after all![1]Jeffrey Bard

One of the ideas behind the Archwizard is that magical damage from the Archwizard would be more impactful against armor that a player has, as opposed to necessarily health; and vice versa for the Hawkeye.[1]Steven Sharif


So a couple different abilities that you might find an Archwizard to have - we have the idea of a defensive teleport. So a wizard can get into battle but they also can get out of battle and they use little tricks to do that. So they will teleport backwards a good distance and leave behind a decoy so that other players don't necessarily know where he went. They also have kind of a flamethrower ability so they'll be able to put their hand out channel some energy and just kind of continually do fire damage in a cone in front of them for as long as their mana bar lasts out.[1]Jeffrey Bard

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